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Автор Rod Robertson, Made For Success Publishing

Winning at Entrepreneurship

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Business owner and investment banker Rod Robertson’s success secrets are now yours. His Winning at Entrepreneurship: Insider’s Tips on Building, Buying, and Selling Your Own Business holds original tips gleaned from scores of his small to medium-size business acquisitions. Case studies and personal interactions give key insights to:

Raising cash Starting a business Buying a business Creating quick growth Avoiding the pitfalls Preparing to sell Enjoying the rewards of your laborsWinning at Entrepreneurship will assist all in monetizing their dreams. The novice reader will discover a pragmatic guide for the road to riches. And those looking to start or buy a business or prepare their company for sale will find a roadmap to success.

Жанр: малый и средний бизнес, слияния и поглощения

Winning at Entrepreneurship

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