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Автор Tom Hopkins, Made For Success Publishing

Strategies for Finding More Business Than Ever

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Hate prospecting? Wish you could build a business without ever having to do it again? When you master the strategies of prospecting like a pro, you’ll build a pipeline of leads and be happy to make prospecting a part of your everyday business.

Doing well with any aspect of business requires a solid understanding of it and a little creativity. What makes people want to buy from you? Is your product something they replace on a regular basis? If so, what’s their cycle and how are you contacting them. Let master sales trainer, Tom Hopkins, show you the way he built his business to being 98% referred leads in three short years.

It’s a fact of business that what gets measured gets done. Once you understand which moves to make and how to measure the results of your efforts, prospecting stops being a dreaded chore and becomes another fun aspect of a successful selling career.

Жанр: отношения с клиентами, техника продаж, управление продажами

Strategies for Finding More Business Than Ever

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