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Автор А. В. Парушев

Strategy issues in the fitness industry

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The purpose of this study was to study the mechanisms of the dependence of the formation of a company’s strategy on the internal and external environment using the example of “Meteorite Group” (as a representative of the Vologda regional sector) and “Planet Fitness” (as an international representative of the health and beauty (H&B) industry); analyze consumer behavior in the Russian market of H&B goods and services, identify factors that affect this industry and segmentation; show the difference in approaches to building a strategy at the regional (for example, «Meteorite Group» ) and industry («Planet Fitness») levels.

Target audience: engineering and scientific workers working in the health and beauty industry, university students, people interested in the issue of the strategy building mechanism.

The work is based on the materials of the dissertation research and many years of practical experience in organizing the fitness industry of the author.

Жанр: брендинг, монографии, стратегия маркетинга

Strategy issues in the fitness industry

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