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В. Луков The fundamentals of molecular magnetism

Molecular magnetism occupies a crossing point between two fields of research-materials science and metal biochemistry – and plays an important role in the field of molecular electronics. The “Fundamentals of molecular magnetism” is the textbook to comprehensively address both the experimental and theoretical aspects of the relatively new field of research. It introduces the basic concepts concerning magnetization and magnetic susceptibility, establishes the fundamental equations of molecular magnetism and examines molecules containing a unique magnetic center, including the highspinlow- spin transition compounds. The textbook highlights polymetallic species, reviews the phenomenon of interaction between spin carriers from a theoretical point of view and includes numerous examples throughout to illustrate the topics discussed. An essential part of the textbook is devoted to novel class of magneto active materials- single molecular magnets (SMMs)

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Theron Q. Dumont The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism

Lynda Hudson Beat Fear of Flying

Learn basic electricity Physics magnetism experiments Labs Electricity Circuit Magnetism Experiment Kit for Junior High School

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Frank Owens J. Physics of Magnetic Nanostructures

A comprehensive coverage of the physical properties and real-world applications of magnetic nanostructures This book discusses how the important properties of materials such as the cohesive energy, and the electronic and vibrational structures are affected when materials have at least one length in the nanometer range. The author uses relatively simple models of the solid state to explain why these changes in the size and dimension in the nanometer regime occur. The text also reviews the physics of magnetism and experimental methods of measuring magnetic properties necessary to understanding how nanosizing affects magnetism. Various kinds of magnetic structures are presented by the author in order to explain how nanosizing influences their magnetic properties. The book also presents potential and actual applications of nanomaterials in the fields of medicine and computer data storage. Physics of Magnetic Nanostructures: Covers the magnetism in carbon and born nitride nanostructures, bulk nanostructured magnetic materials, nanostructured magnetic semiconductors, and the fabrication of magnetic nanostructures Discusses emerging applications of nanomaterials such as targeted delivery of drugs, enhancement of images in MRI, ferrofluids, and magnetic computer data storage Includes end-of-chapter exercises and five appendices Physics of Magnetic Nanostructures is written for senior undergraduate and graduate students in physics and nanotechnology, material scientists, chemists, and physicists.

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В. Луков The controlled molecular magnetism of mono-, bi- and polynuclear complexes based on hydrazones, azomethenes its analogues” (“Управляемый молекулярный магнетизм моно-, би- и полиядерных комплексов на основе гидразонов, азометинов их аналогов”)

The monography “The controlled molecular magnetism of mono-, bi-and polynuclear complexes based on hydrazones, azomethenes and its analogues” represents the encyclopedic edition reflecting the basic experimental – theoretical aspects concerning new scientific area- magnetochemistry of exchange-couple systems. Alongside with a statement of fundamental concepts of magnetism including features of isotropic and anisotropic exchange interaction, and the theory of spin transitions, the central part of the monography is devoted to the analysis of magnetochemistry’s opportunities at the description of a structure and properties of bi- and tetranuclear complexes as well as supramolecular architectures based mainly on hydrazones, azomethenes and their analogues. The interrelation between features of an electronic and geometrical structure of complexes and character of exchange effects is considered, the magneto-structural correlations in the important modelling objects for directed design of one, two and threedimensional magneto-ordered structures have been revealed.

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Gray Elisha Electricity and Magnetism

Robert MacDonald W. Beat The System. 11 Secrets to Building an Entrepreneurial Culture in a Bureaucratic World

Smart guidelines for building flexible, innovative companies Beat the System is a follow-up to Robert MacDonald's controversial but successful first book, Cheat to Win. Packed with proven, real-life advice, Beat the System shows readers how to deal with the bureaucracy that can smother the creativity and entrepreneurship essential to long-range business success. Beat the System teaches readers how to beat the bureaucratic system by building entrepreneurial cultures in their businesses, their departments, or even their individual jobs. MacDonald skillfully describes how business cultures develop, how bureaucratic procedures and processes seep into them, and how to build an entrepreneurial culture even as we live in a bureaucratic world. At the heart of his system are practical steps that create a sense of ownership among employees, invites their participation, creates a common mission, fosters an entrepreneurial atmosphere, and shares the rewards with all. Robert W. MacDonald (Wayzata, MN) is a true visionary in the financial services industry who rose from a door-to-door insurance salesman to the CEO of Allianz Life of North America. He was also the founder, CEO, and chairman of LifeUSA.

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Barbara Sieklucka Molecular Magnetic Materials. Concepts and Applications

A comprehensive overview of this rapidly expanding interdisciplinary field of research. After a short introduction to the basics of magnetism and molecular magnetism, the text goes on to cover specific properties of molecular magnetic materials as well as their current and future applications. Design strategies for acquiring molecular magnetic materials with desired physical properties are discussed, as are such multifunctional materials as high Tc magnets, chiral and luminescent magnets, magnetic sponges as well as photo- and piezo-switching magnets. The result is an excellent resource for materials scientists, chemists, physicists and crystal engineers either entering or already working in the field.

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